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U-Pack-It is the cheapest and easiest ways to move your home. You pack and control at your own pace and then let us monitor your movement in real time from your point of delivery to point of delivery at your new address! The major benefit is you move with peace of mind, with one of Australia's leading transport and logistics providers offering a quality network spanning nation wide and with over 35 years experience.

Incorporated in 1983, Northline is a privately owned and managed Australia wide freight and logistics management company providing an extensive range of services from long haul road train and rail container transport, to high tech warehousing and home delivery, to interstate containerised furniture removal services.

With 13 branches across the nation, our extensive operation employs a diverse team of professional staff as well as dedicated full-time pick up and delivery subcontractor partners in all mainland capitals and many key regional centres. All of our staff are trained in the most efficient and effective methods of secure handling, from container loads to fragile product to doorstep deliveries.

Northline has built an impressive and versatile network of warehouses and transport terminals in every main distribution centre in Australia. Our warehouses utilise the latest warehouse management software and can cater for both dry and food grade product. Our transport network features regular road and rail services between all capitals and major regional centres for time certain deliveries. We utilise the latest web based freight management technology from electronic dispatch, to tracking, to performance measurement. While we transport goods all over Australia, we have always put people first. It’s this personal approach that is behind our many successful business partnerships. Our people are trained in the most efficient methods of secure handling, from container loads to fragile product (such as wine) to home deliveries.

Our people make a formidable team, with a total focus on the specific needs of every customer, large or small.


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